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We are on a mission to improve health outcomes.

We know that our duty as nurses is to treat wounds and provide care regardless of our patient's circumstance or location.

About Harriott Home Health Services

Harriott Home Health serves patients across all of Connecticut’s 169 towns and municipalities, regardless of insurance status, location, or circumstance. For over ten years, we have redefined and shed new light on the importance of home health care.


From wound care for the victims of violence to vaccine rollout and basic healthcare services, our team of certified medical professionals meet people where they are to provide the highest level of care and ensure successful outcomes that last a lifetime.


Harriott Home Health’s primary goal is to help clients—either recovering from short or long-term illness or accidents, or seeking to improve, stabilize and maintain general wellness–manage their healthcare requirements more efficiently, effectively and safely at home.

A nurse is examining a patient's arm.
A woman wearing a face mask is standing in front of a door.

On call for over ten years

We meet people where they are to provide health care in their homes, on stoops, and even in the street. 


Our team treats individuals who are often overlooked or underserved.


Individuals in high-risk areas, including the Promise Zone in North Hartford, that are plagued by a cycle of violence, poverty and unstable conditions.

Proud to partner with:

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A headshot photo of Sasa Harriott

About Sasa Harriott


President, Harriott Home Health Services

As a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience, Sasa started Harriott Home Health Services because she saw the need to improve the way home health care is provided. She has dedicated herself to improving the outcomes of all patients — a philosophy she imparts to her staff. Sasa has demonstrated her commitment to the highest level of care for patients in the community by achieving Joint Commission Accreditation. Sasa has played an integral role in high-risk medical and behavioral health services provided to the Greater Hartford area — both as a direct care clinician and as a utilization review nurse for the Behavioral Health Partnership.

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