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At Harriott Home Health Services, we know that beyond individual efforts with our patients, systemic policy changes are needed to help ensure better health care outcomes for all. Part of our work includes advocating for the needs of our patients, including victims of violence, and well as pushing for more protections and regulations for the well-being and safety of home health care nurses and health care professionals. We actively engage with state and federal legislators, as well as other government and agency leaders. We also partner with community organizations to ensure that the voices of those we represent are seen and heard.


Our advocacy efforts include:

  • Highlighting the inequities, specifically with regards to medical care, in the current Hospital Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) model

  • Meeting with state legislators to bring awareness to the safety concerns faced by home health care professionals

  • Working with federal lawmakers to take steps to modify current VOCA language which disproportionately impacts those living in areas of systemic gang and gun violence


Contact us for information on our advocacy efforts.

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