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Providing Care for Our Communities

Ensuring better health outcomes for all

At Harriott Home Health Services

We're changing the game in home health care.

For over a decade, Harriott Home Health Services has strived to redefine the perception of home health care, from providing wound care to the victims of violence to spearheading vaccine rollouts and delivering essential health care services. Our team of dedicated and certified medical professionals are devoted to meeting individuals where they are to provide the highest level of care and ensure lasting health outcomes.

We believe everyone deserves quality health care regardless of their circumstances, zip code, or insurance status.

A nurse is taking a blood sample from a patient.

The Home Health Care Model

Healthcare professional comes into the home

An isometric house on a white background.

Additional benefits

  • Ensure health of the whole home

  • Identify and help address psychosocial conditions to improve overall wellness

  • Confirm vaccination status

  • Gather data from the front lines to identify emerging public health issues

Triage medical needs

  • Immediate concerns

  • Ongoing/underlying

  • Identify other medical issues


Who We Are

Harriott Home Health Services is dedicated to improving the outcomes for our patients, their families, and our communities. We do this by providing health care and comprehensive wrap around services.

A person wearing a pair of blue surgical gloves.

A full service state-licensed and Medicare Certified home health agency

We've earned the Joint Commission accreditation of excellence and safety.

This means that we've met the most rigorous quality and safety standards of care for their patients and communities

The joint commission national quality approval logo.

An Award-Winning Agency

We are proud to have been recognized by a number of organizations for our efforts to redefine home health care.

The logo of Revisionist productions, which is the letters REV painted against a white background.
The logo of the Connecticut department of health.
The logo of the city of Hartford, Connecticut.
News 8 | September 6, 2023
Sasa Harriott, the president of Harriott Home Health Services, received the 2023 Immunization Champion Award for her role in distributing vaccines. Her team of 100 fanned out across Hartford to provide immunizations.
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